Customer Service Courses Need to focus on the two Ps of Customer Service

On customer service courses among the key questions is, what’s customer service? And therefore are the shoppers always right. Everyone’s thought of customer service differs you will find common threads to many customer service courses.

I have tried personally the term perception within the first paragraph also it really is among the most significant words to keep in mind, as bad or good customer service is really lower to perception.

From the soon after 9/11 I had been going to Florida, i was designed to change flights in Newark, what happened was the flight was late landing in Newark so we missed the bond flight to Florida.

The main reason given for that delay could be that the flight needed to change its flight path because of the recent tragedy in the World Trade Center. Even though this was understandable it had been still amazing to look at the reactions from the customers like us, who have been impacted by missing connecting flights.

From the customer view point, it had been apparent to determine the air travel staff have been through some degree of service training. They apologized, demonstrated empathy offered options and attempted the most beautiful to calm a few of the harder customers, just the kind of key skills you might start learning on a customer service course.

Just like we’re always trained about plan to customer, place yourself in the shoppers footwear, and provide options, the air travel staff offered free accommodation and meals for individuals who’d to hold back overnight etc. The customer service training had really compensated off, approximately I figured.

Regrettably whenever we appeared to be transported by coach towards the nearby hotels most of the customers weren’t pleased with the service. A minimum of 50% of consumers felt the service was poor as it shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Even though they did have the people coping with the issue did help they believed they’d hesitate for traveling the air travel again.

Another 50% understood the issue and even though weren’t happy about missing the connecting flights felt the abilities employees had show were excellent plus they tried the most beautiful to solve a scenario they’d no control of.

Your evening I learned 2 crucial training I found that roughly 40 customers had received the identical service however their perceptions from the service they received were completely different.

I additionally found that training in this region should certainly focus on 2 key areas the very first to be the personal service the customer receives from your individual or perhaps a company. The 2nd being training also needs to focus on the performance or standards and services information.

Both teams of customers were right the private service was excellent nevertheless the standards of performance were poor. With this thought all service courses should focus on the 2 Ps of customer service training.

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