Diffractive optical elements are also known as DOE are produced or manufactured in a way which contains microstructure patterns that are used to alter and control the phase of transmitted laser light. The diffractive optical elements are designed for a specific wavelength and the performance of each wavelength is dependent. It is manufactured using many different substrates such as plastic, fused silica, germanium, sapphire, and zinc selenide. The optics works on the basic and very well-known phenomenon of light and diffraction. The diffractive optical elements can produce any beam intensity profile by altering the microstructures according to the requirements of specific applications. Companies produce diffractive optical elements according to each client’s needs which will enable them to shape and convert light and also to improve the overall performance of their product.

What is the use of diffractive optical elements?

The diffractive optical elements (DEOs) are mostly used for beam shapers, beam splitters, line generators, pattern projections, diffractive focusing lens, gratings, and diffusers. They alter the microstructures and then convert the light beam according to the requirement of the application. They work to enhance the performance of the laser system while also enhancing the overall performance of the application. Diffractive optical elements are capable of manipulating the light phase according to the type of application.

What are the advantages of diffractive optical elements?

Diffractive optical elements also called Computer generated hologram gives away the main benefit of enhancing the overall value of the laser system. They are used in many long-distance sensors as well as short-distance sensors. When an application is trying to achieve complex output energy distribution based on a single wavelength source diffractive optical elements are very beneficial to be used. It enhances the overall performance of the product by enhancing the input and as well as the output results of the product or application. The DEOs produces the most promising results by generating the desired output in its own unique way of functionality.

Where to buy diffractive optical elements?

Many companies manufacture and distribute the best quality diffractive optical elements to the clients. Do some research about the company before opting for one and then finalize your decision of buying diffractive optical elements. Make sure the company you select satisfies all the needs and requirements for your application. Don’t forget to look for the credibility of the company.