You may have doubts on investing in your own brand terms, you may feel that it may also hamper with your organic search results. But here is the gist, bidding on your own brand terms is an ultimate and secret weapon and is done by all top advertising agencies in Singapore. Here are the reasons why you should do it.

  1. Create your message for your users to see

Organic search listings are tedious. Paid search ads provide more control and creativity when crafting a message. You can create catchy headlines, add sitelinks and use various ad formats to attract users to your ad. You can also determine which landing page they should be directed to, in order to make a conversion shorter.

  1. If you aren’t being showcased, your competitors are

If your competitors are aware, they are bidding on your brand terms already. In other words, if your ad has been displayed, theirs is and of course, before your organic search listings. If a user is searching your name, they are way ahead in the sales funnel and will most probably be converted.

  1. Brand terms are tantamount to high quality score

If the branded terms are relevant to the ad copy, landing pages and overall website, then these keywords will have high quality scores, in 9s and 10s. This renders your account’s average quality score higher. It also helps in boosting some newly added terms from the beginning itself.