What do you need to know about Hero Motor Corp

You have probably heard of Hero MotoCorp but probably you do not have enough knowledge about the organization. Hero MotoCorp is the world’s biggest company in two-wheelers. It has its headquarters in India and has a branch in almost every country in the world. It is also one of the most respected companies in the world with Forbes ranking it at the 108th position in the world due to its fair Hero bikes price.

The company was founded by the late Brinj Mohan Lal Munjal in 1984 as a joint venture called between Hero Cycles and Hero Honda. In 2011, the companies split up and the Hero MotoCorp was formed. The company was formed and based in Gurgaon, India. The current manager is Pawan Munjal who has steered the company to maintain its unbeatable reputation throughout the world. He has also seen the company own over 40% of the Indian two-wheelers sector.

  • Products

As mentioned, the company deals with two-wheelers, motorcycles, and scooters. The company is well known for its sophisticated motors with stunning features. For example, their impending launch of Hero Destini 125 comes with an assortment of unsurpassed features like a digital service due to reminder console. Hero bikes price from this giant seller are also pocket-friendly and are worth every cent spent on them.  The scooters and motorcycles come in an assortment of brands and customized top-shelf features.

  • Operations

Hero MotoCorp has five production plants based in various parts of India with a whopping production capacity of over 76lakh wheelers annually. It also has numerous dealerships and service points in India. It can export to Asia, Latin America, Africa, and even Europe. It also has five associated companies. Good news is that it also has a customer loyalty program called the Hero Passport Program.

  • Revenue

In 2017, the company had a reported revenue of around $4.5 billion dollars. The operating income was in the region of US$ 700 as the net income was over 500 US dollars. The total assets of the firm were over US$ 750. The company continues to grow every day and certainly, the income and revenue have shot upwards since then.

  • Employees

 Hero MotoCorp has over 5000 employees. A large number of employees reflect the big size of the giant company. It employs on a merit basis and there is no discrimination against gender. Also temporary employees and the company has a small attrition rate.

This company has its shares listed in the Bombay Trade Exchange. It is owned on a shareholding basis with domestic and foreign investors having to own shares in the company. It has also won several global and national awards and stands out in the two-wheelers industry.

Conclusively, Hero Motor Corp is an imposing company on scooters and motorcycles. The products are high class and very trusted among its clients. Furthermore, the organization clearly depicts its goodwill through heavy spending in corporate responsibility. Undoubtedly, this is the perfect company to buy a scooter or motorcycle.