What is Print Spray Dampening?

Spray dampening is a technology that is used quite commonly within the printing industry, specifically within the process of printing newspapers. It is the process where ink release solutions are applied to the non-printing surface of ink rollers. With the correct provision of valve, any issues that have been apparent with a printing press can be resolved. Print spray dampening valves and processes can help lower the cost associated with a printing press, lower the cost of ownership with the replacement of a bullet valve, offer a consistent spray on the print itself, increase reliability and allow for a much longer life for the printing press.

Depending on the precise dosing of the solution, the dot gain and precise resolution is controlled, with the technique allowing for the paper to be accurately moistened whilst reducing the levels of associated waste paper and wastewater that is being created from the spray dampening system. Spray dampening solutions offer precise management of this process, controlling the amount of water being generated and reducing waste within the printing industry as a result.

How Does Print Spray Dampening Work?

A spray dampening system works in a way where a fine and uniform wet film is transferred on to the printing plate. What this achieves is an avoidance of particles being returned from the ink rollers or printing plate. This is important to avoid waste and disruption to the printing process. Altogether the spray dampening system must ensure all of the non-printing areas are quickly, uniformly made wet, without excess liquid on the surface. This then leads to the creation of a good emulsion in the ink. The spray dampening system will maintain the hydrophilic type of the plate whilst offering a greater level of protection against lubrication, which can lead to wear and tear, and oxidation, through the adsorption of a protective film. Other functions of the spray dampening system include as much evaporation as possible before the transfer to paper, the cooling of the ink film and the evacuation of all particles that appear on the plate of blanket.

With the correct valve for a print spray dampening system, you’ll receive many advantages to the printing press process. It provides a much greater level of precision to the process, offering the chance to improve different formats of printing presses, and it is easy to install. The low cost of installation and the improvements in waste management ensure that there is a fast and healthy return on investment for the no contact system where the spray is projected from the bubbler to the dampening rollers. With the correct installation and application there is a reduction in the consummation of additives, alcohol, water and filters.

By installing the correct valve to assist with the print spray dampening solutions you’ll experience a range of benefits. This includes a much lower cost of ownership, a lower cost of production, a consistent and reliable spray from the printing press and a longer life cycle for the press.