Where you can Sell Digital Products Online

Digital products can be found just about everywhere you appear. Where you can sell your digital method is partially based on the actual kind of digital product you have for purchase – apps have a tendency to sell better within the relevant app stores or places like Amazon . com – but many of products could be offered almost anywhere which takes money.


These may be offered in places like Amazon . com – either being an electronic Kindle book or perhaps a print when needed physical book via their CreateSpace division. The marginally weird factor relating to this would be that the printed version is digital until a purchaser decides to purchase it. A single copy is created to buy.

There are more platforms for e-books including distributors like Smashwords.

Or you might sell a PDF form of an e-book by yourself site using PayPal or perhaps a vendor like ClickBank or E-junkie.

The benefit of selling by yourself site is you obtain the email address and name from the purchaser and may market other digital products for them with time.


Should you create software and have it produced for you personally, marketing it by yourself site or perhaps in marketplaces for example ClickBank in the same manner as e-books.

There’s also specialist marketplaces for example Code Gorge who’ll incorporate your product within their listings as long as you squeeze into certainly one of their groups. There’s also other established software vendors for example Digital River who’ll offer your products to their affiliates.

Video courses

They are most likely the best digital product to produce.

They are simple to make once you have learned the (very couple of) technicalities of the screen capture program.

And they are well accepted from your audience.

In addition to selling them out of your website – you’ve most likely spotted a recurring theme with that suggestion – there are numerous other outlets you are able to explore.

In case your video could be authored to satisfy their needs you’ll be able to send a DVD master to CreateSpace and they’ll put it on Amazon’s Instant Video platform.

An alternative choice that I have accustomed to deliver video submissions are Udemy.

They host your videos and take care of all of the subscription and payment details. After this you obtain a royalty in exactly the same while you provide for Kindle products. Your video course is going to be featured within their marketplace and may also be offered via their affiliates.

Should you choose decide to advertise your digital product on Udemy, you should use their website to produce discounts to inspire an earlier uptake of subscribers. The amount of subscribers will get proven alongside your primary listing which boosts the social proof.

Audio products

These may be indexed by podcast sites in addition to being offered by yourself site.

Regrettably Apple’s iTunes store does not presently permit you to directly charge for podcasts however they aren’t the only real spot to sell podcasts and you may perform a workaround around the Apple store by using exactly the same route as bands use to write their tracks.

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