Why Car Dealership Business Should Use CRM Software

Both CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ILM (Internet Lead Management) are strategic to the success of the organization. Using the right CRM or ILM solution, a car dealer can quickly and efficiently evolve their business model.  Both these solutions help in keeping them competitive.

Internet Lead Management

Customers need a quick interaction with the auto dealer online. One of the ways they adopt is by reaching out to the dealer online. It is important that the auto- dealer has an integrated Automotive CRM / ILM solution that enable the sales manager to effectively distribute and keep track of leads. This allows the sales team to immediately follow up via their smartphones, email, or social media.


Develop Work Plan For Marketing Team

Action plan for marketing team provides them the information when should they follow up with their customers. Also, it tells them how fast they should onboard new employees. A CRM solution makes the company more productive. It helps in scheduling reminders to follow their internet leads through texts, emails, or calls. Staying in touch with previous customers via yearly birthday wishes, drip sales communications, trade-in incentives becomes easy with this software.

Mobile and social customer relationship management

Auto dealers who use a mobile based CRM increases sale by approximately 25%. Mobile marketing tools enable the sales team to efficiently operate deals via their smartphones irrespective of their location. This makes the business to be easily available to their prospects. This strategy keeps them productive.

Ensure that your customer relationship management software has important features that speed up the drive of the sales deal.  This software comes with seamless data entry facility that helps in adding contacts to evaluate trade-in automobiles. Mobile CRM also provides offline capabilities at times when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi reception and social media integration services like Pinterest or Facebook.

Record and Manage all Opportunities

CRM helps in controlling all the opportunities and effectively manage sales cycle using a sleek and streamlined manager dashboard. This CRM software helps in eliminating all the noise, and hence helps you to concentrate on the immediately needed actions to efficiently close deals.


Car dealership has seen a big change in past few years. It has forced dealerships to get a lot more tech-savvy. To stay relevant, they have become more socially connected to their customers. These above-mentioned steps will keep your auto dealership at the right track.