A lot of new technology has been developed over the last years. Nowadays we have all kinds of equipment to measure things. One of the things that is important to measure is vibration. Vibration monitoring can help you detect and prevent certain faults, like imbalance and looseness, in big projects. When you use the right equipment, measuring DIN4150-2 is possible. A lot of people do not have enough knowledge to measure vibration.


If you want to measure DIN4150-2, you will need powerful vibration analysis equipment. The vibration measurement technology has evolved fast. The most important part is the vibration monitor.

When you are choosing a vibration monitor, you need to look for three points:

  • The frequency. There are different kind of vibrations monitors that can measure other frequencies. An SBR-B can measure other frequencies and has a larger measuring range than the SBR-A, this makes the SBR-B around ten times more accurate.
  • The filter. It is always important to find a vibration monitor that has a good filter in it. Filtering out certain frequencies is important to get the analysis right.
  • The battery. Each vibration monitor has a battery in it. There are a lot of situations where you will not have access to power. For those situations, it is important to have a battery that can work for a long period. There are vibration monitor batteries that can work for around 6 days without charging. Besides the power, it is also important to check in what climates the battery can function.

When you are done measuring the vibrations, it is time to analyse the data you have found. There are different kinds of software that can help you with this task. While analysing the data you can filter out all the faults that can lead to failure or downtime.