The Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch is one of the most-common pressure switches in use by most people. The pressure switch utilizes the Barber Colman thermostat in most of its operations, such as air conditioning systems. However, before understanding the working mechanism of a Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch, it is essential to understand what it is and what it is made up of.

Definition of a Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is defined as an electronic and mechanical gadget that is normally activated by a fluid’s pressure. However, it can also be activated by the pressure of air. Pressure switches are designed to operate in pistons, bourdon tubes, or diaphragms that deform or move according to the amount of pressure coming from the system. The primary components of a Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch are connected to other contacts making the switch. The switch opens or closes when a force or pressure reaches a given level, depending on the configuration. The Barber Colman thermostat comes in handy in many industries dealing with compressed fluid systems, instrumentation systems, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, and much more.

Understanding the Working Principle of a Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch

The Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch has a piston where one side experiences fluid pressure. The other side is often subjected to normal atmospheric pressure. The fluid pressure exerted is countered by a preloaded spring. The piston is designed only to move when a given or set pressure is achieved.

Parts of a Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch

The Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch is made up of different components. Below are some of the key components that make up this pressure switch.

Process Port

The process port, also known as the inlet port, is a component that links the process unit to the pressure switch assembly. This component is installed in the nozzle of pipes or tanks through a threaded fitting. There are different process ports, each determined using the pressure rating.

Pressure Sensor

The Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch also features a component called the pressure sensor. This component helps to classify mechanical pressure switches. It happens to be the main component of a pressure switch since it helps to actuate a switch from the given fluid pressure. This component is critically designed to transfer the fluid pressure from one side to the other, having a regulatory spring. It is essential to note that a minimal force is required to actuate the pressure switch since a large portion of the pressure is countered by the installed spring.

A Spring

The spring I another part of the Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch that counters the force coming from a fluid. The spring is preloaded such that it matches the fluid operating pressure. Therefore, the spring will only get activated when the set pressure is exceeded by that of the fluid pressure.

The Setpoint Adjustment Screw

The setpoint adjustment screw is part of the Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch, which is integrated with the spring system. This is a critical component since it is used to decrease or increase the activation pressure. It is designed with great accuracy.

The Differential

The differential is employed to narrow or widen the range of operating pressure for the pressure switch. It is made up of adjustment screws working with a set of springs that are smaller than the setpoint adjustment. The screw, when turned, adjusts one end of the pressure end. The other end remains the same.


The diaphragm of the Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch is used to secure and protect the internal components of the switch from the fluid. The diaphragm is made using flexible materials such as elastomers, polymers, or metal alloys. The temperature of operation and type of fluid determine the type of material used for a pressure switch’s diaphragm. Some common diaphragm materials used in Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch include nitrile, ethylene propylene diene monomer, fluorocarbon, and PTFE.

Switch Housing

The switch housing is a casing that protects the pressure switch and all its components from the external environment.


The Tridelta 3008 Pressure Switch has come in handy in helping meet the needs of many industries in modern times. It is effective in handling pressure of fluids in different settings and is also available for purchase in many stores. In addition, the Barber Coleman thermostat features a number of components that make a pressure switch effective in working in HVAC systems, instrumentation systems, and compressed fluid systems.