In 2021, we will see a growing need for SEO services. Now, every company knows its potential and wants to unleash its power to boost their brand visibility. Every entrepreneur knows that SEO strategies take time to show results, so they need to keep calm. In 2021, we will see dramatic changes in SEO, so if you’re looking for ideas SEO will help your business; here is a complete guide that will help you achieve your goals.

Is SEO Still Relevant?

Whether you have an Ecommerce store or a blog, generating more traffic is what you aim for. And when we talk about traffic, SEO is still a focal point of consideration. More than half of all website traffic originates from organic search results. Organic searches give legal trafficked websites than any other way, including display marketing and social media marketing.

The percentage of traffic emanating from organic searches has grown consistently over the last few years, and there are no indications that this trend will slow down.

Snippets Are Now Dominating Search Results

Featured snippets have been trending in the past years, and now you can see they are dominating search results in the large majority of niches. These are a summary of an answer that the user sees in response to a search query. You can see it represented at the top of the SERP result above organic and paid ads.

Featured snippets gained popularity in 2019. The companies that actively follow SEO trends started working on snippets in 2019. In 2021, the user will see more exact results in search engines as companies are formulating their content accordingly.

Knowledge Panel for Personalities and Brands

Google has been allowing personalities and brands, also known as entities, to claim their knowledge panel starting last year. This feature is very closely tied to the featured snippets and rich results because it allows users to edit and control the information they want to be presented in search results.

The Year of the BERT Algorithm.

At the end of 2019, Google released its most recent major search update, the BERT algorithm, to help the search engine better understand the users’ online search intent.

According to Google, the change of algorithm has impacted approximately 10% of searches, and it resulted in more relevant search results.

The algorithm was rolled out in October 2019 for English-language queries, and it will eventually expand to all languages, but it’s not sure what the timeline for that is.

Currently, Google uses a BERT model algorithm to improve featured snippets in two dozen countries.

The main reason behind releasing this new algorithm is to make it possible for the search engine to distinguish between nuances to provide more relevant results.

SEO Competition Is Fierce

One of the first things you see when examining SEO in 2021 is that the competition has become more aggressive than ever. Everyone is working vigorously at optimizing their websites for search engines, and it is more challenging to rank in search engines simply because many of your rivals are expanding their resources and finance to stay ahead of the competition. Hiring a professional SEO Adelaide company can help you survive in the market and positively impact your business growth.

Optimized Content Is More Important Than Ever

No doubt, SEO is very important in 2021; content is still king and forever will be. Content is the backbone of SEO, as it touches everything from your site-building to your link-building strategy. High-quality content strengthens your brand value and creates brand awareness in your niche market.

By writing and advertising content customized to your precise audience and optimizing your website for longtail, high-traffic keywords, and making attempts to be highlighted in Google’s snippets, you can expand your brand’s authority online and also boost your reach.

SEO is not dead, and it will not be in the future. Only the old practices of SEO are no longer active in trend. Over the past few years, Google has taken few steps to get rid of poor quality content which are of no use for users and businesses. No matter how long you have been using SEO strategy, it’s now more vital than ever to ensure your SEO strategy is on point to reap the benefits for the long term.