Many claims by experts state that color by number is gaining popularity as a form of meditative relaxation. Current information shows that the people involved in the game experience refreshing moments of balance, calm, and peace.

According to research in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association 22(2) pp. It supports that the use of color by number Mandalas and geometric patterns help lower the levels of stress and anxiety. The report further states that color by number is a combination of elements of art therapy and meditation.

The psychology behind Reduction of Stress and Anxiety through Color by Number

Many gamers engage in color by number for fun and as a way of taking a break from life’s daily pressure. When your focus is deep into the game, you tend to forget your issues thus feel entertained and relaxed.

A study done by Nancy Curry and Tim Kasser (2005) states that people involved in color by number Mandalas reported a drastic decrease in anxiety levels. Also, in a most recent study on a group of undergraduate students, the researchers assessed the effectiveness of coloring a complex design on anxiety reduction. The results exhibited a decline in the student’s anxiety levels. The information obtained from the research suggested that the game created a meditative state that makes participants feel relaxed therefore reduces anxiety.

Mind Exercise with Color by Number

 Mindfulness is crucial in the reduction of stress levels. Color by number is considered the best way of exercising your mind, which improves motor skills and coordination. Gamers become immersed in coloring, with their goal of accomplishing the task; thus, they experience a tremendous meditative exercise.

Relaxing through Creative Meditation

According to psychologist Carl Jung, color by number Mandalas help gamers experience inner calmness and self-realization. Gamers choose to break from the daily routines that can be boring and monotonous and find internal reconciliation and wholeness through coloring.

Replacing Patterns of Negative Thinking

Are you plagued with worries about your family, job, or pending bills? Is your life full of uncertainties? Then you greatly need a form of meditative relaxation to calm yourself. Coloring will help replace patterns of destructive thinking with more positive thoughts. Besides, when you dive deeper into the coloring game, you can clear away information overload that piles up in your everyday life, contributing to your stress.

An Easy Way to Relax and have fun

Color by number is being considered one of the simplest games to relax and have fun. A study done in 2012 revealed that participants in a painting and drawing class recorded an 80% increase in confidence and motivation. Other studies further point to coloring as an art of positive self-realization and representation.

Coloring has seen remarkable evolution over the past few years from traditional coloring books to modern color by number game apps. The online coloring apps are easily accessible through android devices anywhere, anytime. The most intriguing part is that color by number is regarded as a legitimate form of therapy and meditation.

The focus is set on the present.

In the current world, distractions are immeasurable. Daily hustles and disturbing notifications that constantly pop up on phones and tablets make it hard to focus even if you want to. Thanks to the experts, color by number is here to rescue the situation.

The game has attention-grabbing features like unicorns, Mandalas, and flowers that are unique and with different levels to boost the concentration skills of the participants. Furthermore, coloring opens your frontal lobe that helps in problem-solving, and enables you to set aside everything else to live in the moment. The gamer has the inner drive to win the coloring game, thus generating focus.

You don’t have to be an Expert Artist to Enjoy coloring

The fascinating part of coloring is that there are no mandatory skills that you must pose before engaging in the art game. Everyone interested in coloring is allowed to access the game apps online. Even if you fail to color as desired, there are no real penalties for that. Color by number is just for fun and relaxation.

More trends continue to unveil with time as many people are engaging in online coloring games. Many participants are focusing more on the present and locking out the endless thinking experienced in day-to-day life. As a result, a state of calmness and relief from stress has been achieved. Color by number app downloads is on the rise as it continues to gain popularity for its meditative power.